What is Hosting:

Web hosting permits associations and people to post a site or site page in the Internet. A web hosting gives the advances and administrations required for the site or site page to be seen in the Internet. When a hosting provider allocates space on a web server for a website to store its files, they are hosting a website. Web hosting makes the files that comprise a website (code, images, etc.)

In a nutshell, web hosting is the process of renting or buying space to house a website on the World Wide Web. Website content such as HTML, CSS, and images has to be housed on a server to be viewable online. When Internet clients need to see your site, they should simply type your site address. Their PC associate with your site and tour site pages will be conveyed to them.


Why should you get Web hosting?

- You can’t have a website live on the Internet without the need of web hosting.

If you want to build a website that you can call your own or if you want to build a website for your business, then you must need hosting. There’s no way around it.  It doesn’t even cost that much to have your very own piece of online.

1.  You have control on your own website

2.  You have more customization options. You can customize your site as you eish.

3.  Your Website is safe. When you don’t host your own site, you can never be too sure about the overall security of your site. When you can choose the security plugins, and other measures you can be sure that your site has a higher level of security. On the other hand, Cloudopedia provide you 24/7 expert support too.  so, you have someone you can contact immediately if you ever run into an issue.



How Web hosting work?

-  Web hosts are companies that rent out their services and technologies to host websites on the internet. Once the hosting company hosts your website, users can access it by typing in your web address (domain name) in their web browser. When they type your Domain name, their computer connects to the server your website is hosted on. The server in turn serves the website to your web visitor in their web browser. That means it sends the files you have stored on the storage to display, and visitors who visited your website can view your contents on the website.



5.Our Packages:

Our web hosting plans give you disk space on our high-performance web servers that are located in Singapore. The ability to provide a complete solution of a website to all your customers. All our web hosting plans allow you to focus on running your website instead of your web server. So you will get 24/7 support from us to run your website without and extra hassle.


Mukti - Ideal for setting up your own site, WordPress blog or business point of arrival, these facilitating plans are basic and reasonable.


Uddom - Ideal in case you're a solopreneur, web-based business subject matter expert, or web engineer hoping to add more force and speed to your organization site or online business.


Bijoy-   Ideal for sites that request the best, appreciate all the adaptability and security with sole admittance to each asset.


Shadhinota - Ideal for Advance corporate and Business Hosting




6.Our Offers-

Mukti: This package is ideal for the people who want to make simple personal website, WordPress blog or business point of arrival, these facilitating plans are basic and reasonable.

Uddom : It’s a 2GB package. This package is used for very small business, organizational website. And it adds more force and speed for any organiz



Bijoy: For basic corporate task this package is perfect.


They give large storage, High speed bandwidth and more. This is for all the adaptability and security with sole admittance to each asset.


Shadhinate: The most powerful package it can be used for advance corporate, they can take more advantage than they want.

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